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The Designer


Hello, Sincere here! Thank you for visiting my website. Here is a little bit of information about me, my love for apparel and how I started designing and creating my own garments.

I love writing, movies, fashion and food. All of these things inspire me when it comes to designing. In movies I watch how the onset stylist matched the actress’ outfit with her mood and the scenery. I believe you should always dress according to how you feel, where you   are going, and to express your individuality. 

After becoming the mother of two beautiful daughters my funds were limited, but my desire for quality stylish apparel did not diminish. So I purchased a sewing machine and took sewing lessons. I learned how to make the garments I wanted but couldn’t afford. Unfortunately, there were no sewing classes offered nearby, so my sewing machine sat unused for two years.

One day while watching a music video I was in awe over a blouse the artist was wearing. I had to have it! After frantically searching for the blouse, to no avail, I decided to try and make it. Needless to say I wasted a ton of fabric. However, after weeks of practicing day and night I taught myself how to sew, (before Youtube existed) and made the asymmetrical one arm blouse I fail deeply in love with.

After conquering the blouse, I was eager to attempt my next project. That famous Marilyn Monroe white dress: from the movie "The Seven Year Itch".  The scene where the wind blows her dress up. I guess you can say the seamstress bug bit me. I started making apparel for my daughters, myself and eventually family and friends.

To me fashion in a whole is a wonderful experiment. My style changes daily.
My closet is like my personality, diverse and multi layered. Street style is my favorite! Street fashion does not cover just one style of dressing; it encompasses a whole range of styles and has no rules. That is the beauty of fashion, it has no limits and neither should we.

All my garments are handmade by me, with sincere love, a peaceful heart and from a place of serenity for the woman who knows what she wants and likes.